Adventure Back in Time!

Marley has been Sucked back into the past! Join the professor and Marley as they work together to figure out a way back to our own time in this Sci-fi themed VBS.

What do we do at Vacation Bible School?

Sing Songs, play games, create crafts, eat food, watch skits, memorize verses, make new friends and most importantly: learn the gospel. Every day is something new for the children to enjoy. Some days the children will have a time of games, other days are craft days, and stil others are for the hay ride.

Worried about missing supper? Each day the children are served a different kids meal for the day. From french toast to spaghetti, no one leaves hungry!

During our Rally time, the children will get fired up about singing songs, competing in our penny competition, or watching our live skit with Marley trying to capture the butterfly to get back to our own time. We get excited, and we get them excited about praising God and hearing the gospel.  There are prizes for verses, prizes for bringing friends, prizes for visiting, prizes for the penny offering, and prizes for just showing up! There are toys, candy, Bible, school supplies, books, and an entire room filled with toys and prizes to choose from. At VBS, we get to have fun, learn the old gospel how Jesus taught it, and send the kids home with some of that fun as well as an eternal message they will never forget.

When is It?

The week of August 13-17 5:00-8:30 P.M. 

Who Can Come?

All children currently in Young 5's - 6th grade for the 2017-2018 school year are invited to join us. If you are a parent and curious about what we do, you can come to watch too.

Additional Information

If you want more information on our VBS, feel free to give us a call at (616) 643-8510

We focus on the Gospel

Our vacation Bible school is very sepcial because our focus is on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every day the children will hear the good news of Jesus Christ at least three times from different perspectives. Our goal is to teach the gospel to any child who hasn't accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, and also to teach the children who already know it so they can share it with their friends. 

We Love the Bible

Learning about God and thinking about the Bible are the most important things we want to do at VBS. Each day there are special verses to learn for Vacation Bible School. Click the download link below to get the list of momory verses for VBS. Each verse you learn goes toward your teams points for the day, and you can earn prizes for the amount of verses you say. ​